Whether you’re transitioning to a smaller living space or simply aiming to declutter your closet, downsizing can be a rewarding and enjoyable process. However, it comes after the initial challenge of confronting the clutter.

Many people approach their closets with the intention of organizing it “someday.” Imagine never again uttering phrases like:

  • Where is my black evening wrap?
  • Why are my hiking boots mixed with my heels?
  • Where are my new skinny jeans?
  • The common complaint—I have nothing to wear!

Assessing Your Closet Contents

Closets often become catch-alls for items without designated spaces. Your bedroom closet should offer a pleasant experience, influencing your mood at the start and end of each day. An organized closet facilitates easy outfit selection, setting a positive tone.

The 80/20 rule applies to closets—we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. Yet, the remaining 80% takes up significant space, causing crushing and wrinkles.

Purging the Unworn 80%

The downsizing goal is to retain items you enjoy wearing, comfortably fitting into your space. Reasons for holding onto things unrelated to wear include sale purchases, sentimental attachment, or anticipation of future use. Purge ruthlessly based on these criteria:

  1. Do I love it?
  2. Do I wear it?
  3. Does it complement my existing wardrobe?
  4. Does it convey the desired image?
  5. Is it comfortable?

If an item hasn’t been worn in a year, consider parting with it. To test attachment, place items in a box and keep only if retrieved within six months.

Maintaining Control

After downsizing, organize for daily convenience:

  1. Prioritize frequently worn items.
  2. Group work clothes for easy access.
  3. Store special event outfits in protective bags.
  4. Use hangers for accessories.
  5. Keep shoes visible and accessible.
  6. Rotate seasonal items using storage solutions.

Controlling your closet and clothing budget is an ongoing process. Adopt the discipline of removing one item for every new addition to prevent overcrowding.

Maximizing Space

Efficient closet design maximizes space utilization. Consider custom-fit systems for added resale value and improved storage in various spaces.

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